Investment Ready is a unique 4-month program for entrepreneurs from Central – and Eastern Europe creating scalable solutions to societal problems. A cohort of around 15 selected ventures systematically works on their business strategy and builds an attractive investment case. As a participant, you will work with experienced mentors, content experts, investors and powerful business tools. You will learn to navigate the impact investment scene and present your venture in various formats to raise investment.

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Impact Investors

We provide a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate to maximise impact. Our network ranges from action-oriented angel investors to larger funds and banks. We have experience managing impact investor groups and run the largest impact investment event in the region, CEE Impact Day.

Capacity Building

Our program is tailored to proof-of-concept stage impact ventures that want to attract the right capital for their business. All participants go through an intense program and mindset-shifting experience, with personalised support from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and content experts.

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Global Impact

Our program is geared to ventures from Central and Eastern Europe that create scalable solutions to societal challenges. The networks of Impact Hub and our key partners provide access to 70+ locations in all continents and connections to globally-minded stakeholders and investors.

We have been enabling ventures from the CEE region since 2011

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  • Sonja Dakić, Founder of Daj Daj

    It was a mind-changing experience for me because it opened us a door we never thought existed for us. Right now we are looking for investors to bring our products to Europe!

  • Georg Tarne, Co-Founder of Soulbottles

    The Investment Ready Program helped us figure out how to talk to investors properly, made us create a solid investment case & business plan and with that made it possible for us to get an angel investor on board. The skills we learned also helped us raise a total of about 400K€ of additional funding in later years. Without those skills we wouldn't be where we are today, with 30 employees, 200K€ raised for water charity (and counting!) and hundreds of tons of saved plastic waste and CO2-emissions.

  • Daniela Lackner, The Boston Consulting Group

    The Boston Consulting Group has been a partner of the Investment Ready Program since the beginning. Combining strategy consulting and entrepreneurial spirit has huge potential. Our consultants work with the impact ventures on a wide range of strategic issues, determined by the entrepreneur's specific needs.

  • Zsuzsanna Huszár, Co-founder of SugarLab

    Not only did we meet our investor at the Warm-up in Budapest, the program also offered us a safe space to share our challenges and develop our growth plans.

  • Philipp Blume, Founder and CEO of Papertown

    The Investment Ready Program took us out of our day to day business and made us really focus on our growth strategy. We got connected to a network of high-level professionals as well as a group of peers that became like a family that supports each other during challenging times.

  • Georg Woschnagg, Co-founder of Goood

    There are a lot of accelerator programs out there, but the Investment Ready Program is the ónly one which accelerates also the social impact of your idea. We got so much more out of the program than we expected, from legal support to reviewing our business model, we got access to top experts in the field.